Blinky-LiteTM is a full-stack, integrated hardware-software control platform based on Edge computing technology designed by hardware engineers that can perform at any scale from home automation to particle accelerators.

App Preview

Why Blinky-Lite?

Blinky-LiteTM was developed at the MaxIV Synchrotron Light Source and the European Spallation Source both located in Lund, Sweden. In this world of complex and costly particle accelerators, a strong 24/7 maintenance mindset is a must. It is essential to always understand the state of a machine remotely and to be able to securely troubleshoot it efficiently from anywhere in the world at any time.

That’s why we developed Blinky-LiteTM




All Blinky-Lite applications are web apps that can be securely accessed from anywhere in the world.


All Blinky-Lite mobile apps require two factor authentication, ensuring that only the right people have access


Blinky-Lite can be added independently or on top of any existing control system

Open source

Every single line of the Blinky-Lite codebase is open allowing Blinky-Lite to grow with you. No license fees. No proprietary software